Access all banks

with one API

We’ve built you a unified, simple & secure platform.

Banking API

A single API to access identity data, balance and transactions from your user’s bank account.
Connect with multiple institutions, save months of development and stay compliant.

Our Solutions

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Data Exchange

Advanced financial
data aggregation.

Bank Statements
Transaction History
Time Saving

The API provides permission based access to customer accounts across all major banks in South Africa. The data is supplied in a unified format making it easy for our clients to leverage it for the unique needs of their business.



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Your tool for instant
bank data verification's.

Income Verification
Account Verification
Account Balances

Verify your customer’s account details in a matter of seconds, instead of days. The API enables you to know everything you need about your customers, in a fast and efficient online environment. Quickly evaluate every risk that may be involved.


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With the advanced enrichment engine, gain insights like never before.

Retail Insights
Credit Insights
Affordability Assessment

We all understand the importance of data when it comes to identifying, analysing, profiling, and scoring the customer. However, most companies fail to fully make the technologies work for them. truID’s tools are here to let you get the most out of customers financial data.


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Your Customers Journey

1. Select bank

2. Authenticate

3. Select Account

4. Linked

We’ve built you a unified, simple, and secure API.

With just a few line of code, truID fits into whatever you’re building.

Management Dashboard

Everything you need in one place.

The developer dashboard is the hub for everything truID. Get your API key and start in minutes. No humans in the way. Simple to use, restful, and fully documented APIs that help you integrate with your application.

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Privacy by design and by default to ensure that both your and your customers data is always safe.

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